hai readers (kalau ada la)

from today..i dedicate myself that i want to write using english more often...even though i dontknowlol..haha

so here a thing..

i just watched a movie, the title is "a chinese odyssey"...both part1 and part2 back to back

fuuhhhh....(tomorrow has to work still watch movie)

its a stephen chow movie and athena chu.....

although i have watched these movie 3 times olredi...at the ending i almost cry (again)

manly tears..bro..manly tears....

so to those who doesn't watch these movie yet...


where to find the movie????

buy original dvd/cd lorh...

or maybe
and here me out
search at youtube...:D

here is the ending...
i was cutting union during i watch this

and here is the song of the ending part
im still cutting union fyi..

hope uols will love these movie like i did :D


oh ye..cerita ni bukan sedih je memanjang tapi macam macam ada...

kelakar, sedih , kelakar , romantis, kelakar, kungfu , kelakar, athena chu sangat comel, kelakar..
senang cite korang tengok sendiri la ye..

selamat berpuasa..tata